We are currently offering four Success Boost packages, ensuring that everyone can afford to benefit from our bespoke services. The ultimate question you should be asking is not, “Can I afford it?”, it is “Can I afford not to explore at least one of these options?” 

THE BINARY: The perfect option for reconfirming service standards, service delivery and overall benchmark standards. A binary approach (yes/no, met expectations/below expectations etc) that can be as indepth as industry leaders, like Michelin or Forbes, with the added advantage that our inspection forms are not cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all forms, but instead are bespoke for your restaurant/hotel.

THE EMOTIONAL: The perfect option for current understanding of, and potentially elevating, a typical guest experience. A mystery shop approach that delves into the typical guest experience, which is always an emotional one, that is, the experience of X made me feel Y. Again the questions in this report and the areas covered are tailor-made with emotional response categories that make sense for your brand.

THE CRITIC: The perfect option for those wanting trusted industry insight currently unavailable. With a journalistic mind, and exceedingly high attention to detail, a candid review by a professional critic, in the style of an article, complete with practical recommendations. Providing an insider’s perspective of high value.

THE STAR POWER BOOST: The perfect option for restaurants and hotels ready to go to the next level, and for established star players wanting a complete health check. The star power boost is the complete Pillow & Fork package, which includes all three perspectives, including indepth reports, invaluable professional feedback, competitive benchmarking and creative solutions and recommendations.

We give your business the informational tools it needs in order to improve, to check goals, and targets, and to gauge vital intangibles such as brand story communication, customer service, exceeding expectations, and guest engagement, all of which are so vital to success and repeat business. We also provide an executive summary of findings and our top tips for more success. 

Service includes a preliminary and post report meeting, appropriate market research, bespoke form creation (except for The Critic), in-depth reports and recommendations.

Let’s discuss how I can best assist your business, call +852 6284 2635 for a confidential chat or send a WhatsApp or email pillowandfork@gmail.com.