Pillow & Fork is a unique inspection and consultancy business providing bespoke services for hotels and restaurants that want more. More professional feedback, more benchmarking, more promoters, more brand loyalty, more customer engagement, more happy guests, and more success.

We give your business the informational tools it needs in order to improve, to check goals, and targets, and to gauge vital intangibles such as brand story communication, customer service, exceeding expectations, and guest engagement, all of which are so vital to success and repeat business.

We provide insider knowledge, professional perspective, benchmark checks, candid reviews and creative suggestions, tailored for your brand. 

We bridge the current gap between “incognito” inspection guide companies and mystery shopper companies. We also provide industry knowledge and insightful candid opinion that is normally unavailable. We provide the only 360-degree bespoke, comprehensive and experiential overview of your business.

Since launching in 2020 we have already worked with a prominent five-star hotel, and a leading restaurant group.


“The comprehensive reporting far exceeded our expectations and clearly, from our perspective, this was an investment that has provided invaluable detail on the strengths and weaknesses that existed in our operations, both in terms of service and cuisine. I would highly recommend your service to others – it reminds us all of how important quality and performance reviews are.” Garry Bissett, Director of Marketing, Dining Concepts Holding Limited An abridged version, full version upon request.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Vicki Williams in her capacity as a food and travel journalist for 15 years. She has an excellent reputation, and is known for her integrity, honesty, and indepth knowledge and understanding of the hospitality industry. With high attention to detail and expertise, her opinion of our hospitality clients has always proven of great value.” Kiri Sinclair, Founder & CEO, Sinclair

“Always attentive to the details, Vicki’s experience and outstanding knowledge helped us to ensure that our clients were in excellent hands with their marketing and PR campaigns. She also provided honest feedback in the interests of the best outcomes. We wish her great success and have no doubt she will bring the same professionalism to this as she did to all of our encounters.” Lynn D. Grebstad, Consultant Director, GHC Asia

“I have had the pleasure of working with Vicki on projects large and small over the last decade. She is renowned across Asia for her integrity, professionalism and work ethic. Her eye for detail in both hospitality and F&B has always been of huge value to myself and my clients- she is often very candid and her deep experience in the region has added a much needed third person perspective on many an occasion. From a personal perspective, Vicki’s empathy, kindness and genuine interest in people makes her a joy to work with.”  Dominique Backhouse, Managing Director, Companion Communications

For More Success…

Let’s discuss how I can best assist your business. Call me, Pillow & Fork’s founder, Vicki Williams, for a confidential chat on +852 6284 2635 or send me a WhatsApp or email pillowandfork@gmail.com.

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