Hi, welcome to Pillow & Fork. I am the founder, Vicki Williams.

My background is in luxury lifestyle journalism with over 20 years experience and widely published in prestigious titles. For the past 13 years I have focused on food and travel.

One of the reasons I founded Pillow & Fork was to help. To help staff enjoy their work more and have more value in it and themselves, to help restaurants and hotels exceed guest and staff expectations while improving results, and to help guests have the best experience. Having experienced the best, critiqued the best, and written about the best, I know what it can be like when all of the above comes together. 

As a seasoned professional, specialising in food and travel, I have the necessary skills and experience to provide the services offered by my recently launched business, Pillow & Fork. 

I bring a fresh professional perspective that not only highlights any gaps in product or service, but gives you practical solutions and recommendations that are personalised, while also providing competitive industry benchmarking for success.

As an experienced critic, reviewing hotels and restaurants, it has been my job to to enter the mindset of targeted readers, understand a typical guest experience and brand identity, while bringing the critical eye of an inspector.

 My goal is to provide bespoke services and creative solutions to helps hotels and restaurants be their best for the best results for business, staff and guests.

Call me +852 6284 2635 to discover the bespoke ways in which Pillow & Fork can help you reach and maintain goals, while delivering the perfect guest experience.

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Pexels.com